The Transvator

Transvator klein.jpg

The Transvator is a device that allows its user to connect to different worlds.

It is inspired by contemporary and historical rituals and symbols of different cultures.
These inspirational sources are mostly linked to a spiritual thinking based on imagination.
Objects such as islamic prayer carpets, meditation mats, playing carpets for kids and yoga
mats define a kind of „sacred space“ or „divine interface“ . This space seems to become a
requirement for spiritual acts.

The Transvator is the fundament for such a „sacred space“.

This fundament shall now become the starting point for an interactive object.
People shall be invited and instructed to use the Transvator.
The instructions shall be embeded in a story that links it to an alternative world model.
The aim is to become aware of the possibility that worlds other than „planet Earth, ruled
by mankind“ could exist.

The Transvator is about the construction and the maintainance of something invisible that
can become „real“ through mind balancing body movements combined with imagination.

Diagramm Transvator klein.jpg