Make it better!


Can we create a better version? With technological progress humans aim to make everything better, either by designing “add-ons” or by making an artificial copy of something and then changing it to their needs. Artificial intelligence and machine learning is used to execute tasks faster and better than a human being. But is this true and can this be projected on other life forms? Can a man-made machine even understand the behaviour of a natural organism or can it even pursue common tasks and interactions? If behavioural structures can be predicted, it might be a way to experiment with organisms in an ethically acceptable way. And a machine doesn’t become exhausted as quick as an organic life form. But does this really justify it’s “raison d’être”/existence?

Technical solution

A deep learning framework will be fed with pre recorded video data and track the organisms (either daphnia or nematodes) behaviour. The recordings are capturing the organism in many different situations and with several impacts on it to give the AI sufficient information about it. If this step is proceeded a simulation of the used organism will be created from the data given, based on the predictions the computer makes. In an installation a projection of both, the real organism and the artificial organism will be opposed. Can a big difference be observed?


Can you see glitches, etc.? It would rather be nice to see a failure of the machine, to acknowledge that a natural being cannot be substituted by humans, just to create something for their preferences, but not the ones nature has given us.