What can I do with the blob?

  • learn to cook medium, and transfer/inoculate the sample into the new plate (see previous class)
  • try to save for the future a couple of samples on the coffee filter or similar paper
  • try to build spores. see how nice it could look on video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vjRPla0BONA&t=9s
  • try to revive it from the dried/sclerotium and sporadium state. This would be done with a couple of water drops. This does not necessarily always work, but practicing, and having different dried samples from different times, would make more chances to get back into the living mode
  • try different medium/soup, so physarum would grow without oat flakes
  • try treating the activated sample with light of different spectrum (red, green, blue, uv, etc), different temperature, different medium, different magnetic field, obstacles, different humidity
  • try growing physarum polycephalum in a maze.

Maze experiment

Maze experiments (May 29 - June 2 2020)

Maze experiments (June 11-14 2020)