FINAL PROJECT FINAL PHOTOS LEDLight-emitting diode and Sound

experiment made by Dilek Acay & Sonia Tiosanto

Short Description: This work is still on progress. This is an interactive black box. The Light inside affected sound but the visitor could play more with that. The sound could change through the light by the visitor.

Technical information: We built five board with 555 timer. Four of them is for LEDLight-emitting diode light and one of for sound. We used 40 LEDLight-emitting diode lights and each of them counts from 0 to 9. It calls ‘Walking Pin Counter’. We used the chip 4017. We could operate the speed of light with dimmer. For sound we used 4 times 555 timer on the same board which connected with each other and each had own photocell. Through the photocell you could control or change the sound. Because photocell is kind of sensor and a light sensitive device.

We created a dark environment for these devices. We put basically the 40 LEDLight-emitting diode lights inside top of the black box, which we built by own self. The small black room is 2m high 1.5m wide and we covered it with black fabric. We put a turning hocker inside which could turn 360 degree. You can sit on it and try to find where the photocell with another light device. We took flashlight for second light source. The visitor could take the portable flash light and try to change the sound.