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Day 1, 6th June 2014

Ohm's Law Resistance is measured in Ohms. -_-

List of resistance and how to identify them:
1 KΩ - Brown Black Red
10 KΩ - Brown Black Orange
100 KΩ - Brown Black Yellow
1 Mega Ω - Brown Black Green

0.01 μF (103)

List of Electrolytic Capacitors (larger than 0.01 μF) - 1 μF || 47 μF || 4.7 μF || 220 μF

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Day 2, 7th June 2014 A monostable has one stable state.
The stable state of a 555 in that configuration is with its output low. It will stay low until it receives a trigger, upon which it produces one high output pulse.

An astable has no stable states. The states change continuously.
In a 555 that means the output alternates between low and high. The 555 will start doing this as soon as power is applied to it.

Resistor code calculator - Electronics 2000 or any other like this.
Capacitance Calculator - Electronics 2000
555 timer data sheet and duty cycle, applications of the 555 timer
Darsha's work - Electrostatic Bell Choir Experiment
Monostable 555 duty cycle calculator Ashin DOP Day2Writing1.JPG Ashin DOP Day2Writing2.JPG Ashin DOP Day2Photos.jpg Day 3, 8th June 2014 Ashin DOP Day3Photos.jpg Assignment 1, 19th June 2014

Assignment 1 - Super Conceptual Momentary Switch


The idea here is to develop a vocabulary of switches.
Is it responsive?
Does it require human or dog interaction?
Does your switch have multiple outcomes?
Does your switch trigger a series of events or actions?
SCALE and CONTEXT of the switch!
Necessary to draw a diagram or a schematic.

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When the fan is switched on, it disconnects the switch by blowing the aluminium foil apart which in turn switches off the fan. When the fan is switched off, the aluminium foil comes back and completes the circuits, thus making a loop within itself.

Day 4, 20th June 2014

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