GMU:Devices of Perception/Apasri and Ashin

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AnA Head Disco Side Title.jpg

<videoflash type=vimeo>100936418|720|400</videoflash> AnA Head Disco Circuit.jpg Head Disco is the result of our second assignment in the course. It implements the use of output as an input. The music from the source is being amplified and played through the speakers. The dangling switch is moved by the vibration of the speaker which turns on the LEDs. The light from the LEDs activates the light sensor which in turn activates the motor. In this way, the various outputs trigger or act as input for other parts of the setup.

AnA UCC Side Title.jpg

<videoflash type=vimeo>100936655|720|400</videoflash> AnA UCC spider01.jpg AnA UCC spider02.jpg AnA UCC spider03.jpg AnA UCC spider04.jpg <videoflash type=vimeo>100940714|720|400</videoflash> AnA UCC ufo01.jpg AnA UCC ufo02.jpg AnA UCC ufo03.jpg AnA UCC ufo04.jpg AnA UCC Circuit.jpg Unidentified Crying Creature is a strange alien creature making bizzare noises as it hovers near it's nest of old electronics.

The installation is made of simple Astable 555 timer circuit and the motor powered directly by the power source. The rotating movement of the motor and the metal legs touching the graphite generate variable resistance, which in turn creates different sounds.