Touch Sensor


I work on the interaction between object and sound. I will connect the object with arduino and turn arduino into a touch sensor. First I will collect the information to Processing. Then the message will be sent to puredata through OSC[[OSC|Open Sound Control]].


My concept come from one project online,it is called "Touche for Arduino: Advanced touch sensing'. In my project I make a combination between processing and pure data, using processing as a medium to send data from Arduino to pure data. In terms of processing, the information from Arduino is classified. Then I use the classified information in Pure Data define different actions. In Pd[[Pure Data]] a dataflow programming environment I will create a gem and then using the data to move it. At the end it will like a game maze.


First I build a circuit on breadboard by myself to change the Arduino to be a touch sensor.

In my project I can get different data from Arduino to Processing, when I touching the “Touch Sensor” . Then I will define different gestures. In my case I have four gestures.

  1. Gesture: No touching.
  2. Gesture: One finger touching.
  3. Gesture: Grab.
  4. Gesture: Put the finger in the water.

Because I want to use the different gestures to control the Gem[[Tracking Motion Detection#Gem|Graphics Environment for Multimedia]] an OpenGL extension for →[[Pure Data|Pd]] object in Pure Data. So I name them "Go right"、“Go up”、“Go left”、“Go down”.

In processing the gesture data is remembered as numbers.
  1. Gesture is "0".
  2. Gesture is "1".
  3. Gesture is "2".
  4. Gesture is "3".
Then I send the gesture data to pure data through OSC[[OSC|Open Sound Control]]. So in pure data I define the numbers with different movement. "0" is "Go Left".
"1" is "Go up".
"2" is "Go right".
"3" is "Go down".