GMU:Daniel Belton - Performance in Mediated Space

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Lecturer: Daniel Belton
Credits: 6 ECTS, 4 SWS
Date: Workshop November 26th to 28th
Venue:Geschwister-Scholl-Straße 8, Oberlichtsaal
First meeting: Monday 2012-11-26 10:00

Body Stories (Conductors) Spatial Integration

Methodology: The premise is movement/gesture (dance) as vehicle for storytelling. The language of the body is a visual stream for communication.

Participants will be led on physical journeys to create story via the body. We will discuss how this work can be transferred to the world of image, both still and moving. We will also look at how to exaggerate the corporeal, and bring texture to the image space by exploring environments in which kinetic studies can be presented which rely on the human figure as movement catalyst. How does space challenge, provoke and resist the performer?

“Before technology connected speech to film cinematic stories were told in movement and gesture. The screen space was electric with physical expression in the telling, supported by musc and often guided with captions or scene titles. I am drawn to these early films because of their physical beauty and their sense of movement. My main focus is to design a synthesis in moving image. I work with the human body to develop time based sculpture and story. I visualise and edit film as a choreographer shapes a dance” – Daniel Belton

We will discuss the language of physicality of the body. We will look at examples showing film from my company and pedagogy in New Zealand.

We will look at environment and spatial integration. Part of this process will involve 2D and 3D animation. I will bring some prepared animation templates, but also encourage students to make their own new animatics.

We will also look at speech as conductor, as a derivative of the first process.

The final outcomes will be a series of short film studies demonstrating the ideas and process of the workshop. These studies or 'works' will be designed and created by the students, under my guidance.

The workshop is open to all ages and experience. No dance experience required. I will be teaching/leading the workshop in English. Participants to bring a hard cover book (novel or similar), loose clothing. Laptop, portable cameras (ie: iPhone). Also, we will need some simple props. Chairs, poles, boxes. I will bring a template sample costume.

The whole process is quite playful, but it also requires great focus and dedication.


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