• Day 1: Farming of new specimen in Petri box. Polycephalum/physarum with living specimens. The food 5 leaflets are positioned really close to the specimens. After the first night, they started to grow.


  • Day 2: The specimens grow up in the darkness with a temperature of 20°C. The first specimens started to grow on top of their food/leaflets.


  • Day 4: Just one of the specimens in the Petri box seems to be growing out of the food.


  • Day 5: The specimens continue growing out of the food in the first Petri-box. It seems that there is something else growing inside the Petri box.


  • Day 6: The specimens haven´t changed their behavior, but definitely, there was something that contaminated the sample because is another specimen inside it. Will have to see what happen with both specimens.


  • Day 7: In order to give the first specimen Polycephalum/physarum a chance to fight against the specimen that contaminated the sample, the Petri box where the contaminated specimen live is cleaned with alcohol and more food leaflets is placed in the Petri box. Another farming is made in order to try to rescue a sample of the original living specimen and to try to separate it from the contamination, after 6 hours they already started to grow.

Bio-02a5.png Bio-02a6.png

  • Day 8: After 1 day in the first Petri box the specimen Polycephalum/physarum started to grow up. It seems that in the second Petri box the specimen have died, and another specimen is growing. My hypothesis; I didn't take the sample in the correct form.

Bio-02a7.png Bio-02a8.png

  • Day 9: The specimens in the first Petri box are growing, still waiting if they manage to survive against the other specimen. The second Petri box has too little spots where the specimen is growing and there are some white specimens growing in the middle of the box.

Bio-02a9.png Bio-02a10.png

  • Day 11: After two more days the other specimen seems to be winning again against the Polycephalum/physarum, maybe because the other specimen grows faster than the preferred specimen. In the other Petri box, the little spots where the specimen was starting to grow to seem to die, and the Petri box is invaded by other specimens.

Bio-02a11.png Bio-02a12.png

  • Day 14: The specimen is still growing in the first Petri box. In the second one, the white specimen is growing and colonizing all space, the yellow spots of Polycephalum/physarum are still there on top of the leaflets.


Bio-02a14.png Bio-02a15.png

  • Day 15: The Petri boxes are open in order to give the specimens some air and to take some pictures. Here is the state of the specimens.

Bio-02a18.png Bio-02a20.png Bio-02a21.png Bio-02a16.png Bio-02a17.png Bio-02a19.png

  • CONCLUSIONS: After making this experiment I learned how to cultivate Polycephalum/physarum, and also I learned how it behaves when there is a contamination inside the Petri dish, in the way that it tries to move/scape from it, but also sometimes just start to live around it.