• Discussion about the lectures from the first class.
  • Presentation about ethics.
  • Observation under a microscope of existing specimens in the laboratory.
  • Farmin of new specimens in Petribox; Polycephalum/physarum.

The medium for this specimens is Agar with distilled water and the food for the bacterias is leaflets. Tree samples are made, the results of each one are shown in the links below.

/Farming 1 Farming from a living sample

/Farming 2 Farming from a sleeping sample

/Farming 3 Farming from a combined sample

Video about an experiment that looks to prove if physarum/polycephalum have intelligence. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=czk4xgdhdY4


The three different samples were made the same day, with the same conditions and same medium, but they develop in different ways, as it can be seen in the links of each experiment on top From this three experiments, I learned how to cultivate physarum/polycephalum how it grows, the type of conditions that it needs (medium) to grow up and the temperature that it also needs to grow.