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Have you ever wanted to make your own techno music, but are tired of the standard midi controller?well,Laser Symphony,which a light-sensitive interactive musical instrument,maybe help you .The project is a study in controlling audio through gestures.It is played by moving hands over laser light sources in order to send data commands when a beam is blocked. In this case , you can play four types of instruments at most meanwhile both of your hands interrupt the beam crossing.

Hardware Details

  • Arduino Uno
  • laser LEDLight-emitting diode light X6
  • Breadboard
  • 30-100 resistor X6
  • Phototransistor Detector X6
  • cable
  • macbook


  • Arduino
  • Pure data




link title:Laser symphony


  • Woodwind
  • harp
  • horn
  • kit
  • piano
  • warmstring