Do you find yourself wanting to “undo” things in real life ? Studies show that habits taken from the virtual world are dangerous for your mind. That is why our scientists have developed “THE UN-DO” therapeutic device. By using our device every time you feel the need to undo actions in real life, you will easily interrupt your unhealthy habits and you will be quickly returned to reality.

Un-Do is a revolutionary therapeutic device that helps fight the desire to “undo” actions in real life. Undoing is a great feature when using your computer. But what happens when your mind confuses reality with the virtual world ? Studies show that the desire to "undo” actions in real life is dangerous for your mind and could be a sign of Undoitis Digitalis. Portable and easy to use, “Un-Do” interrupts the pattern with one push of a button. Just press both keys everytime you feel like taking back an action in real life, and feel how quickly you return to reality. Consistent use decreases the effects of Undoitis Digitalis*.

Undoitis Digitalis is a condition that affects the brain. It is caused by prolonged use of the undo feature on your computer. Effects include: -confusion between the real and the virtual

-embarassing oneself in front of friends and family

-reduced responsability

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