Komplette Dokumentation (deutsch)

Altering Perception

Altering perception, especially eyesight, is the main topic of my Artwork in this course. The first concept was "About constructing Sensation", where I planned to have visitors of the Installation play with streaming camerapictures onto a Head-mounted-display. These pictures could even be sent to each Eye individually. To find out how the brain processes two different images I played around with mirrors in front of my eyes. [...]


Because of practical reasons and to not overcomplicate the art installation I am planning a different attempt to the topic for the summaery which is faster and easier to use. Still using the HMD I will stream static cabled webcam images from a top corner of the room. So the user should see himself and his surroundings. Similar to a plattform game with static cameras. The new Name will be "Visionaut". Based on the word "Cybernaut", where -naut comes from the latin sailor which fits well to my Installation where the Visitor sails around obstacles by seeing himself from above. By just hearing the word one could even think it is spelled Vision-out which sums up what the installation does.