GMU:Critical XR Lab/Parisa Zaeri

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My initial idea was to create a fun, fantasy world out of my favorite spot in the city. I wanted to combine the realm of reality and imagination and have both in one frame. Here is my first 2d sketch from what I had in mind:


In this world, I imagined some kind of tiny, cheerful, stupid creatures that are dancing and taking care of the environment. First I drew them in 2d on my newborn cherry tomato plants to have an overview like this:


The first step, obviously was modeling this creatures in Blender and give them some kind of texture.

Screenshot 2022-10-30 175331.png Material.001 Base Color.png

Then I imported them in Unity and some other assets from Unity asset store and the 360 video that I recorded and tried to play around and have fun and discover the software. Hope you enjoy as I did very much!

Here you can watch the video: