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Haoxing Li (Media Art and Design)

<cell> 2022 VR


In the microcosmic world, the smallest units that make up our lives - cells - are the building blocks of life that support our every heartbeat and breath.

When you have the opportunity to witness, or even personally into the "giant cell", walking in the delicate design, you may forget that this in the real world is only 5-200 microns size structure, sighing natural magic, human may be more small than they think.

Through the assistance of vr equipment, building a bridge between the real world and fantasy space, people can enter their own bodies and explore the structure that supports our lives.

Enter <cell> to experience the existence of life more intuitively from a microscopic perspective, unlike the traditional images recorded by microscopes, which is a possibility brought by new media.

Fullviewcell.png Bird's eye view

InGames (1).png

InGames (2).png

InGames (3).png Preview