Dancing Bubble Touch

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→Final Result: https://youtu.be/crT-FRsLXiU

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→Midterm Result: https://youtu.be/wJ9r23YYHss

Phase I

Exploring the possibility of the interactive sensor, Kinect, in Unity is my main goal. Therefore, I found a tutorial from Youtube teaching me the way to integrate them. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aHGlLxh6a88

However, there are some gaps between my situation and tutorials. In the video, it used a Kinect V2 and SDKSoftware Development Kit v2.0. But mine is the Kinect Version 1, which weren't produced anymore. And the only compatible SDKSoftware Development Kit v1.8 is working on Windows. After solving all the challenges, I got these results.


→Video Links: File:PhaseI-1.mp4

→Video Links: File:PhaseI-2.mp4


→Video Links: File:PhaseI-3.mp4

Phase II

After Windows system understand what is Kinect, it is time to introduce the device to Unity. In the Asset Store, I found a free asset that has included the Kinect manager, Rigging Avatars and so on. With the help of the asset I am able to control the avatars with Kinect.


→Video Links: File:PhaseII.mp4

Phase III

For me, dancing is an attractive activity. So I want to lead the users to dance with me. By simplifying the game into first stage, I decided to create abound of floating bubbles to be touched. Attaching materials, coding and understanding the relationship between Rigidbody and Collider were done by this phase.


→Video Links: File:PhaseIII.mov

Phase IV - Sound Effect, Bubble Generator and Score Counter

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→Video Links: https://youtu.be/wJ9r23YYHss

- I modified the assets Cubeman to have 2D hands which can get sound effect and increase the score whenever them touch bubbles by comparing the name of gameObject. The bubbles will also change the image when it is touched. The scripts could be found here. File:Bubble.cs.zip

- The Bubble Generator can generate bubbles from the bottom of floor at the random position. File:BubbleGenerator.cs.zip

- The ScoreCounter can count the score whenever the hands touch the bubbles. File:ScoreCounter.cs.zip

Phase V - Generate a Baby Avatar with MakeHuman

Bandicam 2021-04-13 01-37-49-713.jpgBandicam 2021-04-13 01-37-38-686.jpg

→Video Links:File:BabyAvatar.mp4

I designed a baby model with MakeHuman software to replace my Cubman. It is essential to create the skeletons for the avatar so that the Kinect is able to control the avatar nicely. To rig the joints successfully, I found a tutorial which explains how to rig all the joints base on Kinect script. https://youtu.be/L7IUzZpK4IM I chose default skeletons to match the rig joint in Kinect Avatar script.

- The baby model could be found here. File:guyDefault.zip

Phase VI - Finalization and User Test

Screen Shot 2021-04-13 at 12.14.12 AM.pngScreen Shot 2021-04-13 at 12.15.14 AM.pngScreen Shot 2021-04-13 at 12.15.18 AM.pngScreen Shot 2021-04-13 at 12.16.10 AM.png

→Video Links: https://youtu.be/crT-FRsLXiU

I invited my friend to play the Bubble Touch with me. Though the baby model looks a little bit creepy, but by adding up the background music the game became active and fantastic.