Night in Weimar


Weimar is a historical city with many renowned cultural heritages. There are elegant architectures and parks that give people a feeling of the 19th century. Everything keeps classic and seems to be unchanged for the last 100 year. Although it is so cozy, it is a bit boring sometimes. Thus, I would like to add some distinct elements here and make it look different.

Initial concept:

The concept is to build a cyberpunk featured virtual environment. The audience, with the virtual reality headset, could be able to experience a different night scene in Weimar. I was inspired by the night scene in Hong Kong, which is full of neon signs. It is chaotic yet colorful. Every neon sign is like a performer dancing in the street. They shine so as to attract the audiences to stop over. The cyberpunk elements would be added to the streetscape, which billboards, neon signs and skyscrapers are included. The conflict among classic and futuristic could redefine the cityscape in Weimar.


  1. Record the cityscape in Weimar by 360 camera (photos and videos)
  2. Create cyberpunk effects in After Effect/ Premier
  3. Add 3D objects into the screen by Unity


I have used 360 camera to record Weimar in different locations, which are Theaterplatz, Marktplatz, Schillerstraße and Windischenstraße included. The outcomes of the photos and videos are totally fine in quality. However, the strong sunshine makes it different to add effects in the next steps. The shadow is so obvious. I would take the material again in a cloudy day.

Moreover, I recorded a few videos in the Saturday market in Marktplatz. I tried the 360 video in the Unity and made it able to be interactive.

For the cyberpunk effect, I would explore it in the Post-processing in Unity.