Construction Destruction

Construction and deconstruction processes can be observed in all areas of activity. Both are mutually dependent. They indicate the limited availability of space and time, the need to think in cycles. In their respective contexts, they develop meaning, morality, violence, hope. Concretely they appear to us in non-ending promises of growth in capitalism, the loss of nature through climate change or massive destructions of wars. We are permanently confronted with the phenomena of construction and destruction and have every reason to reflect on them. In art, Gustav Metzger in his autodestructive art or Mierle Ladermann-Ukeles in her "Maintenance Art" have positioned themselves on this. Politics of care" also think in a different way about the future. Where do we stand? How do we deal with construction, destruction, poiesis or decay? What processes do we use for our personal research? The project proposes a practical approach to the topic and offers the opportunity to experiment with the different forms of constructing or destruction and to address their mechanisms of action and their impact in their environment.