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According to the advancement with MaxMSP and the conceptualization of live interaction between objects and the Unity Graphic Engine, it was my main interest to create a really conceptual experience.

As my background in filmmaking, I've always been interested in parallel universes, with surreal reality configurations. One of the things i'm most thankful at technology evolves, is the possibility that allows creators to have a framework in which there can be created interactions, sensations, experiences and so on.

So basically after doing a little testing with the technological resources at my reach, and attending to lessons of this Fachmodule i was able to mix two universes i've always loved.

Universe 01 2001 a Space Odissey Stanley Kubrick - 1968


This science fiction classic more than just a scifi movie, is the cinematographic recreation of "Also Sprach Zarathustra" in a chapter called the three transformation of the moral, by German Philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche. Showing us how the man constantly evolves to the point of becoming his own god, and being ruled by the new moral values he develops while playing. In this frame from one of the last scenes in the movie we can see the death of God, and also the "Übermensch" being born.

Universe 02 Twin Peaks David Lynch - 1992


This movie/series more than a cliche, of psychological thrillers, got me caught as the whole plot evolved into two surreal worlds, one pretending to be real, and the other one completely surreal. Both of this worlds were intrinsically attached one to the other, so any change affected somehow the other one, Stating several times and in closeups that reality is just a perception "We live inside a Dream"

But what is the point into merging this two universes? First of all after hard psychological/philosophical analysis they are more close than what you would actually think.... The differentiation between the tree transformation of moral values according to Friedrich Nietzsche Philosophy in which a camel full of weight crosses the dessert to Roar fearlessly transforming himself in a Lion that pushes against all the moral impositions that have held him prisoner and slave during his whole life; and then transforming into a Child which with "innocent playfulness" could transform moral values of society to be a new visionary, a real "Übermensch". This three transformations symbolized by the images of a camel a lion and a child, are easily recognizable as a more than -possible- framework for the three stages of the human subjectivity according to Freud/Jung first sketch of psychoanalysis archetypes.

The Vr Experience


Could this be the room in which the newborn "Übermensch" at the ending of 2001 a Space Odissey, develops through childish playfulness a new moral background for humanity? Here the Room is integrated with the black monolith from 2001 a Space Odissey. Which also reacts to sounds via OSC and a MaxMSP patch that can change the actual scale, rotation or any other value of the Monolyth according to basic modifications in the script.

Here is the Script:


And the Max MSP Patch:


Finally here is the link of the whole Unity Project + Max Msp Patch + Script!AgL9M8fKu4C0gZ5A1_Z-VvfgGG6VKg

  • you Have to Update Steam to the latest version in order the OSC Script does not crash with the SteamVr Scripts.


For accessing the experience, first execute, the Max Patch called "microphone parch for OSC Sending". Then open the project in unity, check for errors, and then play it in the window of Game, with Vr Googles.

Thanks for your attention.

Eduardo M.


Hausaufgabe 01

After analizing the patches, i tried to do an enhancement by having 5 tones instead of the original 3.

File:Ejercicio 01.maxpat

Hausaufgabe 03

File:EAM Homework 13.11.18.maxpat