Thread Geometries

Here I am going to try to make a 3D loom and try to do a 3D woven fabric


- 2 frames made out of wood
- nail
- wooden plate
- hammer
- thread

Loom Thread1 1.png

Loom Thread1 2.png

Loom Thread1 3.png

How to use it:

1. I found a rope one the street and since I love re-use and re-mean the materials, I found a good idea to work with this one
2. I started quite regular and than exploring the other dimensions of the loom
3. And I am still doing it

Howto Thread1 1.png

Howto Thread1 2.png

Howto Thread1 3.png

Braids and Nets

This work is inspired by the following video which computer scientists explain how to sort networks:

My first effort was to try to understand and visualise how it works.

Sorting in paper.jpg

After I thought it would be nice to visualize it with threads

Set up.jpg

Giving values.jpg

How was to solve it.gif

Wheels and Pulleys