I am a visual and interdisciplinary artist from Colombia.

As an artist, my career has been a continuous research on themes centered on the human phenomenon, communication and power structures. This comes hand in hand with the wide range of topics that interest me and from which I link to art: from philosophical theories, psychoanalysis and media theory, as well as topics such as cybernetics and collective memory.

Early in my career I explored the idea of language as a barrier in the act of unfolding intimacy, and so I place myself as the primary subject of such explorations. Drawing on Wittgenstein's ideas, I develop my thesis around the struggle to express and communicate emotional trauma, caused by language barriers. However, the intention to understand the limits of communication has allowed me to move between intimate and public contexts. Furthermore, the tensions between identity and its absence, between social and individual experience are key to my artistic practice.

On this page you will find, in the form of essays, the progress of my research.

In this link you will find the aesthetic research itself focusing on a more visual approach. (Focus on the section called 2. Patterns and techniques of a shared habitat )