Gestalting Code

   Part IV of Gestalting Code - Coding Gestalt

Media Environments for Gestalt Coding

   In this lecture you will get to know a couple of live coding environments,
   that can be calssified as Media Environments for Gestalt Coding.


  1. Gestalt and Code
  2. Coding with Gestures


Playing with Media Environments

  • Bodyf*ck
  • Reactable

Create your own Media Environment

   You will learn how to create your own media environment from scratch.
   We will be using Processing, to parse live video and audio events.
   We will also learn how we can use devices such as the Kinect for processing
   3D space, body movements and guestures.


  1. Defining the Interface
  2. The Gestalt-Analyzer
  3. The Gestalt-Generator
  4. Putting it all together


Video and Audio

  • Live Video Events
  • Live Audio Events

Space and Body

  • Processing Space
  • Body Tracking

Live Coding Performance

   This is the final showdown.  
   Everyone should present their work and do a live performance.


  • Present your Media Environment for Gestalt Coding
  • Explain how it works
  • Do a live performance