Generating Gestalt

   Part III of Gestalting Code - Coding Gestalt

Generating Visual Form

   In this lecture you will get to know various representations of visual form in the simple surface and on the two-sided plane. 
   You will also learn how to create these with code.


  1. Generating Pixel-Graphics
  2. Generating Vector-Graphics
  3. Drawing and Stitching


Rasters, Pixels, Patches

  • Processing and Graphics
  • WolframLang and Patches

The 2D Tool-Path

  • Generating SVG[[HTML#SVG|Scaleable Vector Graphics]]
  • Generating Embroidery

Sculptural Composition

   Sculptural composition is the arrangement of form in 3D space.
   You will get to know theories of how shapes may be represented in our minds,
   and inside the computer.  
   We will get to know tools and processes for 3D shape creation, and the formats
   used to capture the process.


  1. The Theory of Geons
  2. Skeletons in Voxel Space
  3. Tool-Paths, GCode, 3D-Printing


Voxels and Meshes

  • Processing and ToxicLib
  • Processing and HeMesh

The 3D Tool-Path

  • Intro to GCODE
  • Processing and GCODE

Composing Sonic Form

   This lecture is all about the composition of sonic form.  
   We will see how the gestalt laws, that most commonly applied to the visual domain,
   can easily be transfered to the auditory domain. We will get to know a couple of audiotory illusions, showing the gestalt laws at work.  
   This lecture will provide you with hands-on knowledge about sonic composition in WAV, MIDIMusical Instruments Digital Interface see also →OSC and OSC[[OSC|Open Sound Control]] format.


  1. Gestalt Laws in the Sonic Domain
  2. Auditory Illusions
  3. Sonification and Visualization

Hands On

Composing WAV

  • Processing and WAV
  • WolframLang and WAV

Composing MIDIMusical Instruments Digital Interface see also →OSC

  • Processing and MIDIMusical Instruments Digital Interface see also →OSC
  • Node Box and MIDIMusical Instruments Digital Interface see also →OSC

Composing OSC[[OSC|Open Sound Control]]

  • Processing and OSC[[OSC|Open Sound Control]]
  • IanniX and OSC[[OSC|Open Sound Control]]
  • Pure Data and OSC[[OSC|Open Sound Control]]

Textile Composition

   In this lecture we will learn about the textile structure and process of craft.
   You will get to know the various formats used for representing textile structures.
   You will learn about the textile process of weaving, knitting and embroidery,
   and how it can be represented in code.


  1. The Textile Structure of Craft
  2. The Textile Process of Craft
  3. Code Crafting and Cybernetic Craft


Textile Structure

  • Weave Interchange Format (WIF)
  • Embroidery Formats
  • Knitting Formats

Textile Composition

  • Composing Woven Fabric
  • Composing Embroidery
  • Composing Knitwork