Welcome to Coders Corner

This page is about the Coders Corner currently located in Room 204 in Marienstrasse 5.

Students that are enrolled for classes at GMU, or that are doing projects at GMUGestaltung medialer Umgebungen, are encouraged to work and hang out at Coder's corner.

The Three Rules

Eating and drinking, including water, is not allowed when working at the workstations!
For a complete list of rules see Raumnutzungsordnung.
If you don't stick to this rule your access rights will be revoked.

>>> TURN EM OFF <<<
Please make sure you shut down the computers when leaving them.

Your data must be saved in a folder with your full name in the Documents folder of the User directory.
Any files anywhere else (including the desktop) may be deleted without prior notice.
Subscribe to GMU:Mailinglist to receive warnings when computers will be unavailable or cleaned off old data.


There are currently two computers in Coders Corner:

If you need additional equipment, check out the GMU:Equipment page.