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Wellcome to my participant page!

My name is Oliver Hannemann. I am studying "Media Art and Media Design (MFA)" at the Bauhaus University in Weimar.

Follow me!

My Project: Music visualisation with euglena or waterfleas

Sonic water1.png


I want to finde out if it is possible to make euglena or waterfleas "dance" to music. I am aiming at a audio visual live performance.


What to do next?

// *edit1: Watch my first cymatic trials here on YouTube

// *edit2: I ordered a guitar amp, so be able to adjust the bass, mids and treb right where I work. Otherwise I would have needed to work with what the DJ is giving me. I also ordered a ring flash for better lighting and I am using an EyeToy camera for picture capturing. This is a basic setup scetch: FzhWI29.png

Final Video


You can see the final version of my project here on YouTube.
I am now using this method to make live visuals at techno events.

Courses I am taking this semester (SS15)