Old classic games and 8 bit games fascinate me and I would love to create Pixel Art games or 8 bit games with MIDIMusical Instruments Digital Interface see also →OSC music in the background. The reason for which I like these older games more than the games nowadays is because these games were microscopic in size as compared to the present games and yet many of them were more enjoyable than those we have today. Recently I read an article about a girl who has been making games with an unconventional motive. Her name is Nina Freeman and [ here] is the article. Her games are interesting for me because she uses games for storytelling and to share her experiences. That is completely different to how I understand or perceive games. I want games to be fun and engaging, but from her games I realise that a game can be extremely redundant and yet keep the player engaged through storytelling.

The Concept of the Game:

A human is walking around on a map or a globe. His aim is to find natural resources in different parts of the world. Wherever he finds it, he consumes it and pollutes the area. The motive of the game is to completely consume all the resources of Mother Earth and pollute the entire planet.

How the Game could look like:


Human Game Storyboard.png

Storyboard Description:

Initially the game starts with the landing screen or menu screen. Once the game is started, the player doesn't really know what to do. The game shows a confused human standing on a planet. He is bored and hungry. He starts walking around. He spots a natural resource nearby, goes to it and consumes it. Thought bubbles within the game and on screen directions guides the player. As soon as he consumes the resource, he pollutes the area around. In this way the game continues as the player walks and hops to different parts of the planet and pollutes it after consuming the natural resources. When 70% of the game is completed, the game goes into a cut scene where a news report shows that world is being destroyed. The player still continues to consume and pollute. The Earth becomes darker and darker. Towards the end of the game, the final cut scene comes with a news report about global crisis or pollution. The player keeps on polluting, till the Earth has become really dark. Once the Earth is destoyed, the game is over and "The Human" is declared as the winner ironically.

Doubts, Questions and Conclusions:

The game is a satirical comedy. Initially the player should be unaware of the motive of the game and should just play along for the sake of curiosity. As the player proceeds into the game, the motive unfolds. However I am not sure how to indicate the progress of the game because the completion of the game depends on the destruction of Earth and that should not be indicated at the beginning of the game. Gameplay Design and Character Design are areas where I wish to concentrate as well. Although I want to use a lot of storytelling in my game similar to Nina Freeman's games, I don't want the gameplay to be completely stupid. I want it to be fun and enjoyable like the old classic game Snake maybe. Perhaps this can be done by adding obstacles to the game, I am not sure yet. The character of "The Human" needs to be developed initially. He is the typical bored and stupid human being who does not have much of a goal or ambition in life. The thought bubbles and the cut scenes help in character development and are there to take the story of the game ahead, thus making it more of an experience.