The Idea

The live performance aims at a reflection upon hierarchical structures that are manifested between human and non-human actors. I want to hand over control (which is not possible completely of course – since I take over the role of the creator of an art piece) to the unicellular live-form of physarum polysephalum (a.k.a. slime mould). I will take over the task to provide an environment for the slime mould to grow in. The space I create will be handed over to the slime mould with the agency to interact in it. Also, I will provide its nutrition to survive. I will offer my body to the organism to feed on, if it likes to.

Technical Solution

First of all I had to get to know the slime mould a bit and grow it in smaller scale environments in petri dishes. In the next step I am feeding it with different organic material that is harvested from my body. In another step I will try to set out the microorganism directly on my skin to see if it will grow.

The goal is to increase the environment: What I can provide is a 114x70cm glass plate, covered in Medium. On different spots, pieces of physarum polysephalum will be placed. I will place my body on the plate and wait for the microorganisms to grow towards me and feed on me. The performance will probably take place over the course of one day (24 hours), with the possibility of a live audience to visit.

Pictures/ Progress

1638019157717.JPG 1638019121965.JPG 1638019080076.JPG

1638019070572.JPG 1638018993228.JPG 1638018950366.JPG


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