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I build two different Pure Data Patches for the course. One takes external audio signals through the contact-mic inputs on the little Audio-interface we build in the course. The other one generates sounds purely out of Pd, no external sources used here. The first one i want to document here is the one without external audio. It's called "Glitches&Harmonics". It has many different functions as described below and different ways of using it. Some usages can be seen in the example video of that patch. The second patch is called "Grainman" after the guy who actually made this patch, called it like this and shared it with the community. It is an granular sampler which is able to granularize audio input in real-time. I found this really interesting with the use of the contact microphones. So i plugged a contact microphone on a kalimba instrument and took the audio input into this patch. My work on this patch was just the making of a midi mapping for using it smoothly with controller and the add of some effects like reverb, delay and filters.


glitches and harmonics

  • 2x2OP-FM Synth
  • 32 Step Sequencer
    • bpm counter
    • unstable randomize function for note values, with random offset for some steps
    • quantizer (by MSCALE)
    • randomize function to switch between scales in minor or major
    • rhythm randomizer
    • drone mode
  1. FM osc - polyphonic
    • simple decay envelope
    • FM decay
    • FM mod decay
    • 1 pre-fx LP filter
    • 1 post-fx LP filter
    • mono delay
    • simple Reverb (freeverb)
  2. FM osc - monophonic
    • randomize system with the ability to randomize 3 different frequency areas per oscillator
    • Stereo AD Envelope Generator with stereo modulation of decay times
    • Stereo Filter system (LP)
    • Filter AD env
    • stereo delay
    • simple Reverb (freeverb)

MainPatch: File:G&H.pd



MainPatch: File:grainman.pd