Task 1- Presentation 1Interactive Art 1
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Task 2- Presentation 2. Interactive Art 2
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Task 3- Presentation 9. Media/ Architecture/ Performance

Task 4- Presentation 4. Provocative Architecture
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Task 7- Presentation 7. Media_Art_essentials

Task 8- Presentation 12. The_Digital_Image

23.Jun.2020 Animation Test in Blender

This a forest of Brain, a 3D model in an organic form, which I built with 3D Blender. Purpose is to create an environment (more like a platform now) where viewers will be placed in this forest, where their emotions or feelings can be triggered by what happens around them in this "Forest" But why Forest? "The forest, even on a sunny day, is a place of twilight shadows shape-shifting and elusive. The deeper one enters into this arboreal community, the more it becomes a metaphor for the mystery of the human psyche. Like our human souls the forest is a place of hidden meanings and unrevealed secrets where half remembered dreams emerge and dissolve like dust motes in the filtered sunlight"-MARGARET JAREK

7.Jun.2020 Scene 1 in a VR environment

The Main Scene/ The Forest This is going to be the first scene and the main scene. I purposely placed the "Forest" up side down in this Unity scene to make player in this "Forest" feel more unsafe, cause there's no visible ground, what can be seen there is only the darkness, floating smog around and the branches with no ends. There are also some capsule shapes placed in the middle of the scene, which can trigger different animations once they are approached by the players.

We/The Player The player(First person controller) can walk around/ jump and run in this forest to discover this environment. Once they touch the dummy capsules, an animation will be triggered. Animations of Lights or the model of the Forest. Things happen here is like how our brain works (at least mine).

Idea I am still struggling with my concept for this work, which I always do. First of all, all the design here is based on a small idea. For me "Triggering" is an extremely important functionality of human's brain/ or mind. Things happened around trigger us, and make us have Feelings. Life become super fast and people are no more so sensitive to what happened around them. We are too busy to care... so I just want to build a environment where we can care about every tiny happen around us Again.

To be continued More scenes still need to be built, and the concept will be developed deeper and broader as well i hope. Animations are not fully completed. I will add more effects it so the differences in between can be seen more easily.