• I have a Background in Environmental Geosciences (M.Sc)
  • Currently Studies in Media Informatics at Bauhaus University
  • I love Science and Design and like to explore the numerous links between them


Idea No. 1

(Keywords: Nitrogen cycle, information design, interactive learning device, sonofication)

In collaboration with the microbes i want to create an interactive information visualization and sonification to give an insight into some fascinating aspects of the bio-geochemical nitrogen cycle (especially denitrification). This highly complex and dynamic process is particularly relevant in nature and for humans. I want to transform the process of denitrification into sound images and process them visually


  • Simple Video about the global Nitrogen Cycle:

  • Review Paper about Nitrogen processes in aquatic ecosystems:

  • General information about the process of Denitrification:


Idea No 2

(Keywords: Sustainable Materials, Biodesign, Growing Design, microbial fuel cell)

Using Microbes to grow materials from solid wastes (e.g. with Mycelium) to use it as a material basis for ecological product design or use their energetic potential (microbial fuel cell; bio-photovoltaics) to supply a product/device with small amounts of energy.


  • An Introduction about what Biodesign is and what it is not:

  • An Introduction about creating novel ecological materials from living organisms:

"Growing materials for product design":

  • The "Moss Table" using biophotovoltaics:

  • Review Paper about "Microbial Fuel Cells: Methodology and Technology":