Pvris white noise stil small.png White noise trailer stil small.png

White Noise Trailer - https://vimeo.com/273667194

PVRIS - White Noise Split Screen - https://vimeo.com/277511190

SGPI - PVRIS - White Noise (Concert Music Video) - https://vimeo.com/285533672

SGPI - PVRIS - White Noise Installation - https://vimeo.com/285535704

White Noise is a term used to describe a background made of noises and or music that is easy to listen to. That is not what this is. This is a layered, multi audio, slightly off-beat project. I used low-quality concert videos of multiple performances of PVRIS's song "White Noise" and their audio; appropriating at the same time the videos and the music, just as the videos are appropriating the respective concerts and the band.

Those videos were used in a multilayered way to make my own music video. To give it a 3D effect I carefully edited the official music video and a professional recording of a stripped version of the song to match the timeline of my own music video. I decided to use intense colors in my music video and black and white in the other two. Then I turned this into a video installation using the theme of old televisions from the official music video as my medium. The videos are supposed to be watch next to each other playing simultaneously, with the video in color in the middle.

Enjoy the chaos, judge the appropriation, listen to the white noise.