Rubatosis Stil small.jpg


I've always been fascinated by trying to find out what we are made of. Us, human beings; what are we made of? Flesh and bones and DNA. But that's not what defines us. Do our actions define us? Genuine human connections do. How do we interact with each other?

Often things happen too fast for us to be able to properly analyze them. We are too busy, too overwrought; the world spins faster every day; always something newer, better, faster.

So, what happens when you put a group of people with established relationships in front of a camera and try to go back to basics? They take off most of their clothes, you give them acrylic paint to express and play with and then you just... shoot everything in slow motion? What happens behind the scenes? In those short moments where the camera is rolling and they just... are?

Shooting without audio, we are forced to concentrate on the visual. On every detail, on every millisecond. Rubatosis is "the unsettling awareness of your own heartbeat". It can occur in moments of quiet or in moments of fear and panic. You become aware, you realize you are alive. Your heart works. I tried to reflect this in my work.

The results are inconclusive. Things are very vague, but I'd like to be cryptic about this. What are we made of? We might never know.