The Things We Forget

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Today it is super easy to take pictures and upload them anywhere you are to the internet. Nearly everyone has a smartphone. You can literally take thousands of pictures and just delete the ones you don't like in seconds. Often you end up sharing the ones you like the most with the whole world by posting them on a social media website.

About six months ago I started taking pictures with an old analog camera. I almost forgot to let them get developed, but ended up with a pretty interesting result. While you can just decide on the spot, which pictures are total garbage with a digital device, you cannot say if a picture turned out the way you wanted with an old camera that uses a photographic film. So I decided to post all my pictures, even the ones that didn't turn out that well, to social media and see how people would react. Usually, when you post a picture, you want it to be a really good one. One where you would think other people would like it too. But most of the time those pictures are really staged and took hundreds of attempts to really be the way the person wanted it to be. With analog photography you basically only have one attempt to take a good picture and not ruin a spot on the film where a better picture could have been. But because of that I think those pictures are the most authentic ones and people tend to forget that.