GMU:(In)visible Networks 2016/SECOND SESSION

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build your own sketch of a structure for a/your website how should it be? SEE: program gliffy online open source What is the relation of structure and content ?

Talking about web content: most of the students already were integrating the content in the way the website structure would work visually/graphically

Concept/graphics, content might change according to the affordances of your programming language or CMS


In general: Images, Text (information), Graphics, Animations


what makes a website interesting?

What is the user experience ?

The web site is the building up of a representation of smth. or someone. What work is displayed (portfolio), what media is used in the work of the respective artist/person (pictures, drawings, sound): how can it be represented in the website structure/content? Use a player, frame, link to pictures. However there is a broad variety of possible content that can create this representation, conventions were emerging as to how the general shape and frame of web content is build (like in other media conventions).


– dominated by the “page” concept, beginning in academic settings, linking scientific papers to one another (typewriter) – this concept was overrun by the “home page” concept, where many pages are interlinked to form a personal or corporate representation

today the form of Html based web pages is the dominant way. How does the content/structure change/is formed through the conventions of the HTML based approach ? (Azucenas class)

different/general web concepts

blogs blogs are the more personal form of home pages today: mostly personal. Here a persona (“identity”) can be generated.

search engine sites

discussion boards – topics around specific themes

Ecommerce – shopping

text content is especially important for search engines matching (SEO)

content management – different meanings: content management systems to organise content of the web site/information in general different roles of personal who is updating the site: content author editor publisher admin

who is doing what to create/maintain a website? How can it be linked to composing the content of GMU Wiki?

content farm aka click farm – polluting the web; generating noise (less information) by trying to fit search engine optimization (concept of entropy ?)

interactivity – ecommerce uses interfaces to web content to generate new content according to consumer behavior – client side scripting interaction between web content and the user/interface – compare web art from last session –> paralex effect nike spot

How to built content


What information should be displayed/what should the user know ? How is that information shown: visual, aural, textual content what is the identity of the site ? How can it be constructed ?

– link structure (last session)/content and structure are going together! – Information architecture

everyone should sketch their own structure of their respective web sites thinking about the content

coming back to GMU wiki: Who WANTS to work on the CONTENT ? Teambuilding