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video. approximated length: 3.30min. either displayed on personal computer, or installed as a link/qr-code visitors can visit through own devices.

This is a tutorial for people who want to learn how to cyberactualize. Cyberactualization describes the process of constructing reality on complex world wide web-based networks and the later decisionmaking made on said reality. In a world where discourse is created increasingly autonomous from truth, the idea of truth becomes irrelevant. As facebookusers, we need to equip ourselves to govern ruling discourses in order to enforce our own policies and strategies. It was cyberactualization that facilitated anti-syrian legislation in USA, and it is cyberactualization that wins elections. The responsible online user knows how to cyberactualize.

It may seem that discourse is created around you, but it is not: you create it, by the likes you give on facebook, by the sites you visit, the things you update, the comments you write and the things you share.

Requirements: personal computer