GMU:Human and Nonhuman Performances II WS15/Eri Kubo

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I would like to visualize subconscious „awareness“ of „Us“ in order to ensure the consciousness of being aware. „Us" as a collective-self, that are created through the too-much-connected-ness of the new generation.

Most of the socalled new-generation holds, more or less, the faith for the drastic progress and its power of new technology - new formation of communication and information platform, almost sub-superstitiously and sub-religiously. The decision making in such state becomes an automatic procedure, which disconnects one from oneself and connects to the collective opinion. This creates binding to the alternative world and dismisses boundaries to the substantial world. We are here, at the same time we're present in the parallel. For the right use of such duality, and as an antidote for such faith, having an constant awareness of being and doing is required.

A Live camera (go pro?) will record the whole cafe stage. The recording will be projected in real-time onto a translucent screen from the back side. And the projection of the cafe stage will get inverted in color, into the negative image, and its change will depend on the number of the people who are connected to the wifi., ex 65 people have used the wifi -> the perfection will be 65% inverted.

In order to get free-wifi connection, guests are asked to answer one question. ex.1. What internet means to you? ex.2. What is it like to be online? The answer will create a chat room, instant messaging-app like visual, and it will be layered onto the real time projection of the cafe stage getting inverted in color.

  • Requirements: Public wifi, Live camera (go pro?), Projector, Semi-transparent screen
  • Space: 1,5m x 1,5m
  • Set-up: 15-45min
  • Duration: as long as the MTST goes on