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Lecturers: Ben Sassen. Kyd Campbell
Assessment: 6 ECTS, 4 SWS
Date: Tuesday, 9:30 - 12:30 Uhr
Place: Bauhausstraße 15, Projektraum 002
First meeting: Tuesday 2010-04-13

MANI.FEST III is a class! Boost your art practice with a real professional process. Get practice, make a festival.

Course description

Manifest sm web.jpg

Led by Prof. Ben Sassen & Kyd Campbell

class will be held in English

In this Werkmodul students will learn about planning and promoting multi-media events. Working together as part of a team, they will plan the 2010 edition of the Mani.Fest. The Mani.Fest is an annual event offering artists from Weimar who work with media and performing arts a platform to present their work. The event takes place over one evening during the Bauhaus' Summary, and in previous years has featured dance, theatre and live electronic music performances. Building on the success of last year’s Mani.Fest media performance showcase, this year we will aim to continue developing the Mani.Fest brand whilst once again creating a top quality audio/visual live event with an exciting program of Weimar acts. (See MANI.FEST for more details of last year’s event)

Students joining this Werkmodul will have the opportunity to gain practical experience in:

  • Creating and managing promotional campaigns
  • Working as part of an event production team
  • Managing an event budget
  • Installing equipment and technically producing live multi-media events
  • Using video to document live events
  • Booking and liaising with artists
  • Organising and working with venues
  • Managing relationships with sponsors

To make Mani.Fest 2010 happen we are looking for a range of students who are able to work in different roles, including: graphic design, PR and press work, artist liaison, managing sponsors, VJing, web design and team leading. If one of these sounds like the job you would like to do then come join us!

Deutsche Kurzbeschreibung

Das Mani.Fest bot während des Medienganges 2009 zahlreichen Künstlern aus Weimar eine Plattform für audio/visuelle Live Performances. Auch in diesem Jahr soll das Mani.Fest wieder stattfinden und sich weiterentwickeln.

Dieses Projekt befasst sich mit den grundlegenden Anwendungen und Prozessen, die bei dem Organisieren und der Produktion von Live Performances und Medien Events notwendig sind. Das umfasst sämtliche Schritte von der Programmentwicklung über die Akquise von Künstlern und Sponsoren, die technische Vorbereitung und der Aufbau, die Ablaufplanung, das Marketing und bis hin zur Aufführung selbst.

MANI.FEST III team members

  • Robert Dietrich
  • Sophia Gräfe
  • Cindy Leuther
  • Patrick Richter
  • Stephen Nolan
  • Dagmar Fella

Admission procedure

Send me or me by e-mail after the first meeting the following information:

  • Full name
  • Fachrichtung and Fachsemester
  • Matrikel #
  • Angabe der geltenden Prüfungsordnung
  • Valid e-mail address


Students will take part in the multiple facets of producing the 3rd edition of MANI.FEST.

Each will be responsible for documenting a part of the process and submitting a written report describing the work they have done during the project and dritical reflections on the project, at the end. This report must be submitted within 2 weeks following the festival date.

Eligible participants

Enrolled BFA, MFA and diploma students of the faculties of media, Gestaltung and participants of the media-architecture program.


  • 13.04.10 first meeting, kick off lecture
    • REPORT: At this first class we introduced the concept of MANI.FEST and the current Weimar context for AV performance presentation. We looked at a number of artist examples, talked about some different festivals, including the Tiny Noise, and previous MANI.FEST events. We discussed the possibility of creating a context for artists to improvise together during the frame of the festivals, different venues, good time lengths for an AV event, and audience comfort vs. endurance.(k.c.)
  • 16.04.10 18h15 - public presentation on noise and sound art and passed MANI.FESTS
  • 20.04.10 imagining our process
    • REPORT: After a second overall introduction to the idea of MANI.FEST and the background of our team members, we agreed on using the media faculty's WIKI for our documentation and on the subscription in selected media art related mailing lists. We presented some of our favourite performances/performers like Candice Breitz, Gabriel Shalom, a Radiohead’s music video "House of Cards", a performance by Einstürtzende Neubauten called “Das Auge des Taifun” and some video and audio from Suicide and Pan Sonic. After this we described and looked towards all the steps of the project realization, listed resources and upcoming deadlines. According to this we discussed about our project’s funding/fund raising. In the middle of these considerations stood a precise discussion and attempt to define terms related to the art genre we will present within the context of MANI.FEST. [view](s.g.)
  • 27.04.10 Funding and Press Release
    • REPORT. During this weeks session we looked at media art (pre1979) and discussed our opinions on various works presented. We examined the creative fund guidelines and detailed points of focus for funding applications in general. We read our press release texts. For next week (an exercise in curatorial selection) we shall find a contemporary media performance work with detailed technical specifications. We will also explore Weimar for possible venues and work further on our press release.
    • Works Discussed:
  • 04.05.10
    • REPORT: By searching for artists taking part in current festivals we found three interesting ones and studied their Tech-Riders. It's important to know exactly what we need and when we need it. We started to make a plan about every fact that's necessary to arrange a well working festival in time. Before every step the festivals identity must be clear to get in contact with artists, sponsors, press and audience. By open call we'll try to find artists. A central e-mail address is needed for Mani.fests authenticity.
    • Works Discussed:
  • 11.05.10
  • 18.05.10
    • REPORT : we talked about what aspects we needed to include in a call for projects. We wrote the call. We looked at the current status of the graphic design. We prepared for a public workshop/launch of the call for projects.
  • 19.05.10 : public workshop / launch of call for projects File:ManiFestIIIcall.pdf
    • during the public open Freie Klasse in Weimar, our group presented our call for performances and taught a workshop for artists about preparing portfolios and applications to festivals, exhibitions and residencies.
  • 25.05.10 : working day : PR, PR, PR (+ sponsorship & partnership), website
  • 01.06.10 : finding artists, setting venue, sponsors/partners
  • 08.06.10, 15.06.10, 22.06.10, 29.06.10, 06.07.10, 13.07.10 : team production (see detailed reports below)
  • EVENT DATE (18.07.10)

Upcoming / Related

  • 2nd of June 7 pm, Gabriel Shalom talks in rm.204, M7
  • Transfera - TV show about experimental video art and AV works (on Canal Autor channel - Orange & Euskatel, Friday nights from Madrid, Spain)
  • Kasseler Doku Fest - film and video art festival, 9>14 Nov. 2010
  • Cells Buttons - Yogyakarta International Media Art Festival, Indonesia - 27 July > 7 August 2010
    • call for projects, deadline: May 25, 2010
  • Mapping Festival - 6 > 16 May, Geneva, Switzerland, VJ festival
  • Elektra Festival - 5 > 9 May, Montreal, Cananda, international digital art festival, BIG technology.
  • NK project, Berlin - sound space, upcoming: May 8th, Art Kill Art Label Night


Artists presented in class

Tn prez strip.jpg




Manifest cogg.jpg

Sophia Gräfe (final semester BFA)

General comment

Under the direction of Associate Professor of Experimental Television, Ben Sassen, and Kyd Campbell curator / artist I was involved in the Mani.fest III event. My main focus here was the press and public relations of the small Media arts festival. I planned in cooperation with the other student team members and led the integrated and comprehensive communication and publications of the Mani.fest III event not only in the target group of Mani.fest III, but also the summaery 2010th event.

Project Responsibilities


Building on previous Mani.fest events I developed a presentation text in consultation with the 2010 team Mani.fest. I developed the call for artists submissions. Working closely with the designers of Mani.fest III I planned the structure and operation of the website and wrote the web texts.

I also helped the preparations for the event with advertising and Documentation texts in the form of press releases. These were communicated to the public through the website Mani.fest III, facebook and myspace profiles, the Piazza, the Faculty of Media communications department, the central press office of the Bauhaus University of Weimar and the organization summaery 2010. I Also edited micro-texts, which were needed in other areas. I conceived and edited the brochure for manifest III which was publicly available. After the event I wrote a  press review for the arc, the University Journal of BU Weimar. I wrote the texts in German and mostly in English.


The successful communication of Mani.fest III to the public was a gradual and long-term procurement involving several steps. In addition to building a public web presence there was a progressive intra-university presence of Mani.fest III. on the university information platform “Piazza” which was  under my leadership. In cooperation with the Mani.fest III team, I accompanied two pre-events of Mani.fest III that enhanced the profile of Mani.fest III in Weimar’s city center in the eyes of our target audience, Joe Public. The second pre-event I conducted in collaboration with the team as a press conference by. I invited representatives of the press, during the pre-managed events, conducted interviews and gave out press kits. I built a self-researched, personal and extensive mailing list to promote the Mani.fest event. In advance of the event I intensified communication of Mani.fest with frequent posts on the piazza and i Organised and implemented flyer and poster distribution in Erfurt, Jena and Weimar.  On the weekend before the event Mani.fest I went with my team in Baroque costume and distributed according to the pre-event strategy flyers in Weimar’s city center. Also I initiated and mediated the contact between the Mani.fest III event with the summaery 2010 Organization and other institutions. I also sent promotional material to the Artists of Mani.fest III.

On the day of Mani.fest III event, I interviewed several artists for the documentation of the program. During the event I attended Mani.fest III Members of the media and gave interviews to interested media. I also helped with the recording of Mani.fest III team meetings.


In Addition to the multiple presences on the net, I achieved coverage in the regional daily newspapers. I was able to use the reputation of the University communication and press department of the Faculty of Media to help further our coverage and success in gaining press interest. This included the placement of one banner on the main page of the BU Weimar, a date entry on the main page and on the faculty pages, and integration into the extensive summaery - advertising BU Weimar, and in particular the website of the summaery 2010th. In addition, I communicated on varied topics, both of specific concern and general interest (ie: Artist Submissions) within the cultural community of the Mani.fest III event.


Besides my main task of public relations, I worked in Cooperation with the Mani.fest III team in planning the event. I discussed with my colleagues, the concept and objectives of our work for the Weimar Media art scene, laid down dates and deadlines, helped with the ideas of the other Work areas, such as graphics and video design. I also researched possible venues for the event and secured the AUDIMAX for the event.

Organisation & Implementation

In the main - the organization phase, I coordinated the guest team and partner list and the Invitation of the Japanese media artist Shingo Inao. I made my apartment available as a storage location for the event equipment. I also tried to secure sponsorship for the catering. On race day, I took temporary jobs at the venue. During the Mani.fest III event, I took care of the cash register, entry and bar, financial and supervisory aspects. On the very evening I counted the takings for the event.

Critical Comments

My involvement in Mani.fest III project was exciting and challenging. Whilst it was an established festival and the program and organisation of the festival was weak, through consistent and inspiring strategies our PR activities made up for other areas of weakness. On the university level I developed very good relations that brought broad support and a high awareness of the event. I Also succeeded to motivate visitors to come to the Mani.fest III event, despite the entrance fee which can  often deter student attendance and despite the event being at the end of a long summaery weekend.

Also my press work saw exposure thüringen wide, not only with informative, but also journalistic content. Mani.fest III was increased by my efforts as one of the highlights of the summaery event and also considered as advertised by the university.

Also, I succeeded in interviews with press representatives to portray Mani.fest III in a positive light despite my concern for the quality of the performers.This was as the greatest challenge for me as in my estimation the project Mani.fest III had a serious quality problem rooted in the few and inadequate submissions submitted. In addition, i believe the overal concept, design and pre-events were weak which made it difficult to promotte.  To improve the interaction of the individual sections of the team i think it would be wise to select team members based on interest and ability rather than open submission with the aim of creating an uncompromising event. 



I Press Releases

  • Press release I Mani.fest III Long Night of Museums @
  • Press Release II Press invitation - Event Mani.fest III
  • Press - Mani.fest III announcement 18th July 2010
  • Press release on summaery 2010, the Bauhaus - Universität Weimar

II Texts

  • Konzept-/Präsentationstext
  • Specification plus Banner

III program

IV newspaper articles on mani.fest III event in regional dailies

  • TLZ, local section, p. 4, 3 column, 1 image, 6/26/2010, “Cheer up: New Art in Old Kriolinen - media students at the Search for new audiences “
  • TLZ, p. 1 jacket, 2 columns, 07/09/2010, “young art scene presents itself - Mani.fest III summaery in the lecture hall”
  • TLZ, local section, page 2, column 4, 1 image, 20.7.2010, author: Charles Brown, “We are making serious art”
  • TA local section page 4 Short Message, 29.5.2010, “Baroque-media-art”
  • TA local section p.3, 06/26/2010, “New Art in courtly disguise”
  • TA local section page 3, 3 columns, 1 image, 20.7.2010, author: Charles Brown, “New flavor intelligence”
  • Südthüringen Online, 18/07/2010, “Experimental stage art of Bauhaus students” - not


  • Article IV in the special form “summaery 2010"

Manifest cogg.jpg

Cindy Leuther (2nd semester BFA)

Project Responsibilities

  • Joined the meetings.
  • Searched for venues and contacted them (MonAmi…)
  • In charge of the costume shop most of the time
  • Participated in every pre event and shootings wearing the costume (Lange Nacht der Museen Pre-*event)
  • Arranged the press pack, printed flyers, stickers and cd covers
  • Printed and sliced flyers for ‘Lange Nacht der Museen’
  • Spread lots of flyers at the pre events
  • Spread 30 posters and 400 flyer in Weimar and Jena before the main event
  • Started the work plan
  • contacted the stuff for Sunday
  • Printed copies of the working plan, technical plan and telephone lists
  • Helped with the stage management
  • Organised and got the technical stuff from the media point (at the venue and pre events with the **costumes)
  • Built up stuff for the stage, backstage and bar
  • looked after the artists backstage (during the show)
  • Helped to clean up the audimax on Sunday and Monday

Critical Comments

In the beginning it looked like we would never be prepared in time for the event. Preparations were proceeding very slowly. We engaged in media related theorethical discussions around a framework of selected artists and events. This in retrospect was quite good but to get a little more understanding of what our featured artists do on the stage. I gathered a lot of experience and am glad to have taken part in this course, even if it was at one time or another a little stressful. The teamwork has worked up to a few exceptions, very good, which has saved me personally a couple of sleepless nights. During the first theoretical meeting, Ben Sassen was present and taking part in our course however, soon Kyd Campbell took the lead of the course. During the preparations for the event the team had hardly any contact with Ben so I can not comment on his contribution to the project. Kyd provided a lot of support during the whole process and directed or tasks professionally. She was always there when you needed help or had questions. Without her it would have been a lot harder to put on the event.

Communication methods were a cause of some stress. It might be better to communicate another way. Although it has all worked out very well by e-mail, there was a lot of confusion along the way. Email and goolgle docs are a good comunication tools but perhaps something else could be used to affect more reliable communications, so we can be sure that messages are recieved etc.

Manifest cogg.jpg

Stephen Nolan (1st semester MFA)

Project Responsibilities

Press Release Ideas

Developed ideas for press releases aimed at radio and webzines. The goal was to relate media art to topics already in the public domain like sustainability, surveillance games and hygiene. I developed two press releases. 1:Manifest 111 in Pythagorean style 2:Media Art Performance, Facebook, The Nintendo Wii, The iPhone and your Toothbrush.


Researched liberal and conservative festivals as a comparative study with the aim of understanding how to position the manifest event. The liberal festival I chose was http://modisti.com with a mix of contemporary and historical presentations that matched the Manifest goal of placing new media in established settings. The conservative was a historical clarion festival whose presentation was very formal. We also researched tech riders. We spoke about the qualities of a good and bad tech rider and developed criteria that we would follow when assessing our applicants riders. We each presented a tech rider we thought was good. I chose Peal by monomatic.

The wiki

Placed minutes on the wiki and designed and uploaded project feedback.

Development of Creative Text

Helped to finalise the creative text with editorial suggestions.

Business Cards Production and Distribution

Developed with Robert and Dagmar the Business Cards. This involved a detailed development of the text with several reviews and rewrites before the final product was realised. The Bilingual cards in English and German necessitated careful translation to ensure the same vibe and intent was communicated in both languages. The reason for using English and German was to to reflect the international aspect of Weimar and Manifest. I Worked closely with Robert on the design. Printed and cut the cards and distributed them in cafes and venues around the city. The cards were printed in English and German. They were also handed out on the night of the museum event.

Self-Promotion for Artists

Worked with Dagmar and Kyd in developing and presenting a workshop aimed at potential Artists. This involved a presentation at the Mani.fest Workshop @ Freie Klasse. The workshop covered topics such as artist documentation, artist application procedures and the art of selling yourself to festivals.

Press Pre-Event

Following the design of the original website Robert worked on, we developed a historical context in our promotions in order to mirror one of Manifests goals, that of placing works of media art in the minds of a wider audience. Out of the subcultural haunts and into the mainstream mindset. We staged two events, the first was a photo shoot in the Park. We employed the park as stage andwore period dress and held laptops and mics etc in contrast. This was developed further in the animations for the website.The photos were used as advertising for the project and proved very successful at gaining interest from the wider public.


I developed the idea of a mask in the style of a ballroom mask, again connecting with the historical weimar and making 3D glasses with them to be used in a press pack. I developed two proto-types.

Application Management

I took responsibility for dealing with applications that came into the email account. I responded to all applicants and requested more information where necessary. I set up a spreadsheet so as to easily see what we had and what we needed from the artists. We also used the spreadsheet to voice opinions of the work, whether we liked it etc.


I made contact with SEAM and arranged a meeting with Constantine in order to discuss the partnership with SEAM. Issues to be discussed were sound system and insurance.

Critical Comments

As a student led initiative students access to the budget was through the teachers. What was an acceptable expense? Should the treasurer be student or teacher? In terms of experiments in success and failure the potential to learn from these  kinds of decisions was coloured by the fact that the treasurer was a teacher.

Communication was largely text based which was the cause of some misunderstandings. The collaborative relationship was strong in the group. It was my first experience of an event management project of this scale and overall I found it a very rewarding thing to do.  I learned a lot that I can apply to my own practice.

Manifest cogg.jpg

Patrick Richter (2nd semester BFA)

Project Responsibilities


  • Trailers (2D, 3D, 2 Paintings, 1 Artists trailer)
  • 7 Showvideos
  • 1 Show DVD programming 

Social Networking Myspace

  • Website Design
  • Friends adding and caring 
  • Bulletin postings
  • Updates on myspace blog and site 
  • Uploading and posting photos, making slideshows 
  • Sorting photos by event year 
  • Update new and special myspace videos 
  • Creating a new event 
  • Sent out mainevent invitations to all friends in the list


  • Managing and maintaining friends 
  • Building contact to Shingo Iano 
  • Bulletin postings 
  • Uploading and posting photos 
  • Uploading videos 
  • Sent out mainevent invitations to all friends in the list 


  • Taking about 150 photos in Goethe Park of Dagmar, Cindy & Stephen in costumes 
  • Record video footage for an eventuel trailer 


  • Designed carneval 3D masks 
  • Animating & editing two videos of moving paintings 
  • Acting in costume showing our trailer 
  • Taking photos for documentation and upload it to social networks 


  • Acting in costume handing out our flyers


  • Spread about 400 flyers in cafes and bars in central Erfurt


  • Gathering information about these venues and contacting responsible persons: 
  • Reithaus 
  • Zeughof 
  • DNT 
  • Audimax


  • Updating the list of technical needs of each artist 
  • Contacting artists for missing tech riders 
  • Getting in contact with STUKO to reserve technics


  • Audimax 
  • Press-Event 
  • Pre-Event


  • Explored the venue 
  • Took photos for video concept
  • Meeting with christian hellmann to discuss the venue design and video relations 
  • 1 week of editing and animating video tracks for the show 
  • Got thoska access to audimax 
  • Spent 3 days getting used to the audimax technical issues (dvd-player, screen, light, windows, beamer, switchings between input sources) 
  • Conceived dvd structure for the show 
  • Contacting Marcus Schlaffke to solve DVD player problems 
  • Creating final show DVD including our partners list 
  • Carrying technics to audimax 
  • Building up the stage 
  • Solved technical problem of artist (getting David Schornheims videos to work) 
  • Worked on an introduction sound for the start up video together wth Shingo 
  • Solved DVD player problems with Marcus Schlaffke 
  • Conceived Bikecores videoshow on visualizer, rehersed and performed during her show 
  • Connecting artists to the control panel of the audimax 
  • Editing video for umbrella projection
  • Set up working umbrella projection 
  • Adjusted beamer for a better video result 
  • Rehersal with shingo to synchroize his audio to my video intro 
  • Running the interlude videos between the performances and controled projections on control panel

Manifest cogg.jpg

Robert Dietrich (2nd semester BFA))

Project Responsibilities

  • Poster artwork
  • Flyer artwork
  • Website design and maintaining
  • Design of press releases and letterheads
  • Stagehand work before, during and after festival
  • Translation and contact to german-­speaking staff
  • Insurance effection

Critical Comments

Mani.fest III is an extraordinary international art festival. With nearly no budget but highly enthusiastic staff willing to do what ever it takes- it was a unique experience. Providing a professional public platform fro new media interdisciplinary performance art in weimar with most of the project members being non-professionals required everyone to do their best.

Nevertheless, I would like to propose certain improvements for the up-­ coming Mani.Fests. First, the search for an appropriate framework of the Mani.fest should be a major priority. I considered the Audimax not to be a suitable venue for a cutting edge performance art festival, due to its technical limitations (non-existing drape) as well as the sobriety of its interior design.

The search for artists should be extended. Publishing the call for propos-­ also soley on the web doesn’t create enough attention for Manifest as you could tell by the fact that we haven’t been flooded with applications and even extended the time frame for proposals. Publicity especially towards possible artists could be achieved with extra call out posters ondisplay in university hot spots, local galleries etc.

Work Space: Project Notes

Intro Texts

Sophia Gräfe MANI.FEST 2010 Das Multi-Media-Event MANI.FEST erfährt zur Summaery 2010 seine dritte Ausgabe. Als großformatige Abendveranstaltung präsentiert MANI.FEST aktuelle herausragende Medien- und Performancekunst im Umfeld der Bauhaus Universität Weimar mit internationalen Rang. Organisiert von einem studentischen Team der Fakultäten Architektur, Medien und Gestaltung unter der Leitung des Juniorprofessors für Experimentelle Television Ben Sassen und der freien Kuratorin und Künstlerin Kyd Campbell, wird MANI.FEST Vorzeigeprojekte aus dem Bereich der experimentellen Video- und Klangkunst dem Weimarer Publikum zugänglich machen. Basierend auf den Erfolg unserer Veranstaltung aus den letzten zwei Jahren möchte MANI.FEST 2010 zudem in gleichbleibend hoher Qualität junge Vertreter unkonventioneller und neuer Kunstformen eine Plattform zur Aufführung ihrer Arbeiten bieten und die Stadt Weimar als Produktions- und Spielort medialer Gegenwartskunst etablieren.

possible venues

capacity > 200 people

  • Mon Ami - large theatre (Cindy will check out the theatre)
    • bar services, lights, good location, central
  • Volkshaus (near to Ewerk)
  • Audimax, in Library building (would need to find a space design - maybe too steep)
  • HfM room in Coudray Str., offered by SeaM, 50 person capacity

Not Available / Not Selected

  • Reithaus (Cindy will check out the theatre) - not available that date
  • Deutches National Theatre, Theatre Platz (check), practice stage - not available due to theatre holiday all July
  • Bauhaus Museum (too small)
  • Belvedere (check out the Musik Gymnasium + actual Belvedere buildings - maybe too far)
  • Zeug Hof (behind Bauhaus Museum, might be too small, pre-event? Patrick called the organizer Dan Thompson) pretty small, would have some rental cost
  • Viehauktionshalle (contact Konsum Weimar for info, maybe too large, right profile?)
  • Gym in Jakobsplan
  • Gauforum stage
  • Weimarhalle (tiefgarage? salle2 - maybe too steep)
  • Ottmar Gerster hall (check, no stage, historic space, no hanging) - was the location from the first year

possible sponsors

possible publicity venues

local events we can promote at:

ab 12.-25. Mai Glaxbox, Gaswerk Weimar u. A. (glasconstructions will be placed in various locations round weimar. there will be projections on the windows) Glaxbox 2010 und dessen Vorbereitung gliedert sich in fünf Aktionsschwerpunkte.? Themenbezogene Aktionen / Workshops 12.-25.Mai 2010? Aktionen in der Stadt Weimar 28.-30.Mai 2010? Ausstellung / Performance 31.Mai-13.Juni 2010? Konzert / Openstage 11.-13.Juni 2010? Dokumentation Buch / Internet

29 May, Lange Nacht der Museen

03. Juni, Uni-Campus Bauhaus Energie.Experiment.Erlebnis - Programm zum Tag im Land der Ideen (Bauhaus-Idea_development-exhibition-day; concerts and presentation of media-art pieces)

Salon Pink 18. Juni, 16. Juli? (Artevent on every 3rd friday of the month in the gaswerk weimar) Jeden 3. Freitag im Monat findet eine Salon-Veranstaltung/ Vernissage statt, welche die dazugehörige 7-tägige Ausstellung eröffnet.

25.-27. Juni, Reuth, Vogtland Stelezenfestspiele bei Reuth (a best-quality experimental music festival in the middle of nowhere)

12.-19. Juli Diplomausstellung FK /Examensausstellung LAK, Kulturbahnhof Jena (studentexhibition in Jena)

SYNAE - licht:klang:raum:bild (Mediaart-Festival in the Gaswerk Weimar) http://www.schwansee92.de/blog/?page_id=252

15.-18. Juli, Rundgang BUW (!)

local press partners:
internal University Press offices
online publicity venues:
international publicity venues:
contacting artists Make a workshop on artist self-promotion in the Freieklasse Weimar, 16-23 May

working partners

Department of Electroacoustic Music

Media Faculty



- define and describe the event's identity (its goals, audience, content) - write a 'mission statement' text - decide whether the event will have a specific thematic or not

- fix the date - research open local dates, do not coincide with another local event - connect with the Summer Rundgang, Summaery - Sunday night? - define the time of night (start time) - possibility for shared planning with other local events and shared promo (ie with Summaery)

Create overview of all tasks that need to be done to make the event happen ( a 'road map')

- divide different tasks between different group members (make teams)

  • PR

-- In General:
- visit relevant events in town and promote the Mani.Fest (e.g. long night of the museums - may 29th)

--- week 0 (begins 10/5/10)
make a press plan/time schedule (Done: you're reading it!)

--- week 1 (begins 17/5/10)
- share a workshop: how to apply to a festival (cv, documentation, proposal writing)
- coinciding with our event's submissions deadline
- make contact with press partners (Medien Faculty press agent Antje Kahn, central University press office (UK) in Rektor's office, Summaery press team, mediengang team)
- design visual branding plan
- make a call for projects flyer
- set up a project email account so people can get in touch with us (done: gmail account)
- have info ready online specifying the submission procedure
- explain why we collect so much info, bio, tech setup, concept, image links etc.
- let people know that our platform (the festival) is available

--- week 2 (begins 24/5/10)
- activate our online social networks (myspace, facebook etc.)
- new website online, good URL - appropriate design
- brand design drafted
- write press text

--- week 3 (begins 31/5/10)
- press text finished
- defining our target audience:
what media reaches this audience?
tv, radio, radio lotte, NDR, antenna thuringen, sputnik, local newspapers, student magazines, MDR tv, unicato

--- week 4 (begins 7/6/10)
- artists chosen
- design event flyers & poster
- start press pack design
- Print press List + Contact, Deadlines - international + locally based ones (erfurt based Copymag, intro magazine)
- find/contact online magazines and blogs + Contact, Deadlines
- first video trailer

--- week 5 (begins 14/6/10)
- make a press pack

--- week 6 (begins 21/6/10)
- press conference (maybe combined with pre-event) well related to the atmosphere of our event

--- week 7 (begins 28/6/10)
- arrange interview with artists + press (in collaboration with Artist Management team) -> June 25th
- (2nd video trailer)
- pre-event fotos

--- week 8 (begins 5/7/10)

--- week 9 (begins 12/7/10)

  • Event Direction/Organisation (Management/Accounting/Legal/Human Resources/Sponsoring)

Set tasks for all groups involved in the festival based on 'road map' document

Lead weekly meeting of all event participants and keep overview of tasks progress in relation to 'road map' schedule

- connect asap with our partners in HfM - get the technical list (what is available) form the HfM and the venues - make the link with the Summaery & mediengang groups, become part of their program

deciding how long the event should be - 100 min?, break? how much can the audience handle - do we want - selecting the event atmosphere (bar/party setting, formal music concert…)

- think about how much budget have/need for each part of the event's production (and overall)

- define our insurance needs - shop for insurance

- GEMA music licensing fees (negotiate with artists & venue)

- define our additional staffing requirements technical team (to work with us at the event) general helpers (to work with us at the event)

*Sponsoring - ???

  • Managing Artists

decide how we will our artists: open call local research/knowledge of artists direct invitations to known artists

- Decide how many artists we will need (how long the event is, how long each performance should be)

- Write description of the sort of artists/work we are looking for (developed from 'mission statement') - do we choose pre-made performances or ask artists to make new ones for our topic? both?

- brainstorm inspiring info on the topic to be used for inspiring artists and conveying our overall concept

- research and make connections with related courses, for finding artists (and technical +other helpers)

- provide some idea material for inspiring artists to apply to the open call - make some presentations in courses, or directly to some possible artists

- be prepared to convey the scale and quality level of the event to the artists

- explain the decision process

- ask professors for recommendations of students

- Set deadline for all artist submissions (if using open call)

- Set deadline for selection of artists

- Choose main artists for event program and one or two back-up options in case they are needed - consider the artists in relation to the venue (will the artists fit practically into our venue) - consider how the artists will fit together in a program

- Contact chosen artists

- get bio/profile info on the artists

- arrange interview with artists + press (in collaboration with PR team)

- set up soundchecks (in collaboration with Event Production team)

  • Finding A Venue

defining the criteria for the venue (how big must it be, what facilities must it have, what is our budget for venue hire, on what dates would we like to use the venue, how does the location fit with our brand and target audience)

research venue options in local area

visiting venue options

select one or two venue options and begin negotiating a deal

make a final contract/arrangement with the venue

think about pre-event venue

  • Main Event Production

- get technical riders from artists (in collaboration with Artists Management team)

- define list of equipment required for the event

- find resources for obtaining the equipment (hire, buy, borrow etc - is there a technical budget)

- designing the technical setup (how will the equipment be connected together and where will it be in the venue)

- designing the space (decoration) - having seating in the venue (at least 200 seats) - do we need tables (cabaret style?) - where does everything need to go in the venue

- consider practical aspects (tables for selling tickets, staffing and supplying the bar, licensing, toilet paper...

- transport of equipment

- set up soundchecks (in collaboration with Artists Management team)

  • pre-event planning

to promote to present additional works how connected should it be to the main venue

  • Documentation of our event

- Patrick + camera team???


small giveaways 150 stueck (30 A4 sheets) costs: 1,50 euro

short information sheets 120 stueck (30 A4 sheets) costs: 1,50 euro

renting costumes for promo "lange nacht der museen" costs: 45,00 euro

insurance for sound system during event cost: 230,00 euro