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Continuing the 3D A/V project series, the Movement.Media.Mutatus project will focus on exploring,representing and reacting to movement in 3-dimensional space. Using a combination of computer graphics, interactive devices, augmented reality environments and 3D video, MKG students will examine methods for digitally capturing, analysing and enhancing the physical body and devise their own creative works in collaboration with students from Medieninformatik. During the project, students will also have the opportunity to work alongside multi-media professionals, including film director and video artist Dr. Fred Baker (Cambridge University, UK) and choreographer/digital artist Robert Wechsler (Palindrome Dance Company).

MKG students joining the project are NOT expected to be technically skilled in computer programming or electronics (although technically skilled students are also welcome), but should have an interest in any one of the following fields:

  • 3D film/video
  • Dance
  • 3D computer graphics
  • Augmented and virtual reality
  • Interactive systems
  • Motion tracking

Please Note:
The working language of this project will be English. As such, all students wishing to join the course should have a high level of spoken and written English.

The project will include two compulsory weekend workshops which all project students must attend, the dates of which will be announced at the first project meeting.

Class Times: Class meetings take place weekly every Friday, 11:00 to 16:45 in Bauhausstraße 11 - Seminarraum 013 First meeting: 22.10.2010

VLV Link: WS10/11 ExpTV