We randomly put you in teams to work together. In each team one student of Weimar and one from San Diego will work together. Each team will get their own communication tool assigned (from this list: EKK:LoFi Sounds in HiFi Spaces#Sending data over the network )


  • Assess setup, configuration and usability of the software in brief.
  • Describe the subjective experience of the connection.
  • Assess the qualities of the audio (and video if available) connection
    • What is the roundtrip latency. Does it vary?
    • What kind of filtering is applied? Can it be influenced (e.g. settings)?
    • Is there compression, noise gate, feedback suppression?
    • Develop techniques to measure the above, communicate standards in the group so your results are comparable.
  • Prepare a 1 minute presentation (make a audiofile/or video) where you are working creatively with the restraints of the technological framework. If sound only: upload to wiki and embed as high quality .mp3 / if video upload to vimeo and embed in wiki.


(Weimar/San Diego)

If your name is missing on this list, just join any of the teams of your choice.