The first week, 18.12.2018

Since last thuesday we got some samples of different cyanobacteria in the lab. Which are Syctonema, Nodularia, Anabaea, Calothrix, Plantothrix and Synechococcus. I will now try to extract some colonies and cultivate them.

1. Nodularia

Nodularia is found in salt water and needs nitrogen. So I used a NHCI 0.9 % solution and liquid fertilizer for tanks.

2. Scytonema

It lives in fresh water so I used volvic and added the colonies.

3. Planctotrix

It also lives in fresh water so volvic again.

4. Anabaena

Fresh water. Volvic.

5. Synechococcus

Fresh water. Volvic.

6. Calothrix

Fresh water. Volvic.