Cocoa Touch

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Cocoa and Cocoa Touch are the application development environments for Mac OS X and iPhone OS. Both Cocoa and Cocoa Touch include the Objective-C runtime and two core frameworks:

  • Foundation
  • AppKit (MacOS) / UIKit (iPhone OS).
Shared Cocoa (Mac OS X) Cocoa Touch (iPhoneOS)
Foundation Classes

Basic Types such as NSString, NSNumber, Collections like NSArray, NSDictionary...
Basic core services like NSNotification, NSFileManager, NSUserDefaults, NSTimer...

AppKit Classes

eg. NSResponder, NSView, NSWindow, NSButton and many more...

UIKit Classes

eg. UIResponder, UIView, UIWindow, UIButton, UITouch, UIAccelerometer and many more...

Core Data
Sync Services
Address Book Address Book (ANSI C Interface)


Diese Seite ist Teil des Werkmoduls iOS Development von Michael Markert für Interface Design / Fakultät Medien an der Bauhaus-Universität Weimar.