Background Idea ; road to Final Project

A woman in Texas has created an "anger room" where, for a price, you can destroy the room's contents to release your anger.

The Wrecking Club” in New York, for example, is billed as a place “where people come to smash stuff to pieces.

“The Break Room” near Atlanta, GA, and “The Anger Room” in Los Angeles, CA, offer similar experiences, as do many such clubs around the country that are growing in popularity and receiving rave reviews.

In an anger room, you have the opportunity to destroy something without having to feel bad about it or even clean up afterward. It could be even better if you can do all these smashing in virtuality; free and eco-friendly. I would like to create this virtual anger space, where you can smash things, peoples in different kinds of ways. The destroyed objects may interact differently, for example, exploding, broken, gummi-like effect.

WHY I want to do this??? >> It is just for my personal experience. I feel so depressive and sometimes I furious during the lockdown situation. Normally I go to the gym or go boxing to get rid of my frustration, but the gym is closed, it is the best place for me to outlet my anger and frustration. I also don´t play any game so I could not express myself in any other way. For me, walking outside is just boring. After I came across Unity I saw the possibility to create my anger space or whatever emotions where I can express it out and nothing is physically destroyed, like the example I mentioned above.

I know it might not be 100% healthy anger management but I saw it in more fun for me to do something,(in this case; break things) this may still be a much healthier activity for me than sitting at home and ruminating over what’s making me angry, frustrated.

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