First thoughts

Coming from a position where the main concerns are of the contemporary views of the relationship between the mind and the brain being inherently dualistic and the limitations of language which itself is bound in dualism, I look to concepts of light, space and emptiness as we continue to tread the same path of recurring mental activity which is obscuring our relationship with the present moment.

Be that present moment in any space, urban or otherwise. However it is precisely the large bombardment of sensory stimuli and activity found in the Urban setting that calls for interventions for Space of Mind.

Seeing Bio and Neuro feedback techniques as one method of developing awareness, I wonder if it is possible to construct experiences or non-experiences that allow the viewer (subject) to define for themselves, through experience, the difference between conceptual and non-conceptual mental activity.

Where to start with devising interventions, tools or spaces that would support and encourage such mental non-activity, in a conscious way...

Light appears to be the most relevant medium. There are many psychological effects of light. It is also frequently mentioned in descriptions of transentrental, spiritual or religious experiences:

Light as awareness. Light reveals the object in a space, but it also reveals itself.

Light displays nondaul behaviour as it can be both a stream of particles and waves (double slit Experiment, Young). Since Light is made up of oscillating electrical and magnetic fields, one can mention TMS ( trans cranial Magnetic stimulation) of the brain.

Just as we can effect the mind through transforming the brain (for good or for bad) we can also effect the brain with the mind, as has been demonstrated with Neuroplasticity (M. Beauregard).

Can we experience the Brain as a transceiver, like a radio, instead of as a radio station.. (James & Berguson)

How can we transform outdoor Urban spaces into huge flicker machines, using just the suns natural light... (large Smart glass light boxes..) ...

Inspiration - References

Paul Laffoley, Artist. A discipline combining philosophy, science, architecture and spirituality to the practice of painting:

Carsten Holler's Psycho Tank (1999):

Carsten Holler’s Experiment in Deviation, also known as The Baudouin/Boudwijn Experiment(2000):

Three Transitions by Peter Campus: In these concise performances, he employs video's inherent properties as a metaphorical vehicle for articulating transformations of internal and external selves, illusion and reality.

All things Flicker (Jan Purkinje Lights)

Lucia N⁰03 (neuro-stimulator Lamp):

Luica N⁰03 at SANDS 2012:

EEG & Brainwave visualisations

Julian Klein - Brain Study (2001-2004): Psychoacaustic 3D neural feedback installation.

Moritz Wehrmann: 'Alter Ego'

M. Beauregard: 'Mind Does Really Matter': Evidence from Neuro-imaging studies of Emotional Self-regulation, psychotherapy, and Placebo Effects." - Progress in Neurobiology, 81. No.4 (2007): 2228-32

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