Projectmodul - Shared Habitats

project concept File:5e-project concept.pdf

In the Five Elements philosophy, everything in the world can be divided into five phases: water, wood, fire, earth(soil), metal. And in its overcoming cycle, the sense of touch belongs to earth, which has the overcoming interaction with element water — Touching water produces ripples. The appearance of water waves is the expression of the relationship of these two elements. In terms of visual presentation, in addition to the effect of simulating water waves, I want to show the track of the finger sliding on the screen, which is a sort of interesting pattern, and display the real-time touch point position in the x-y-coordinate system.

W1.jpg The experiment process is as follows:

Version 1 Use ipencil to simulate human touch: File:Wvsion1.pdf

Version 2 Actual finger touch on screen: File:Wvsion2.pdf

prasentation 15.06.2021 File:Immersive-art.pdf

To be continued...

Fachmodul - Critical VR Lab

Phase 1

concept The inspiration for this project came from one time when I saw Travis Scott’s Music event—Astronomical on YouTube. It was impressive and the scenes were very cool, such as models with different scales with details as well as the audio reactive patterns which were generated in the scene…so I also want to try to build a virtual music event in this semester project, so as to bring people a dynamic cool experience.

File:Vr concept.pdf

In the first stage, I mainly realized the part of audio visualisation, and this part is also the part that I think is not easy: No experience! I followed the online tutorials to implement it step by step. Below are screenshots of the C# scripts and prefabs of the scene involved.


S 007.jpg

As well as the first video demo I’ve recorded at the end. (Link here-> [1])