-My first idea, is to light a cylindrical container. My main inspiration is the device ALEXA from amazon, but in my case, it would be a transparent cylinder where you can see the light changed.


-The second idea, is to create a rectangular exoskeleton with Christmas lights, or LEDLight-emitting diode light stripes hanging from it as a waterfall. In the video, we can see a huge cube with the LEDLight-emitting diode lights on the sides of the cube, I want my lights to be hanging from top to bottom. LED light cube


I have been following two main tutorials, in order to create a hybrid code with the instructions of the reference projects and my final idea. The main projects I follow are:

-Christmas Light show with Arduino This is the main tutorial for the first video of this imput. Here is a step by step of the developer's project. The code is also available.

-Arduino rhythm LED light box This is the second part of my tutorials.

With these examples, and tutorials, I am starting to merge the sections of the codes that might help me start controlling the light. Once I have this, I will decide in which design direction must I choose.