Untitled, Installation Project


I propose to build an installation composed of large photographs and frames that mimic mirrors. The hands of anonymous workers (via crowd sourcing) will transform photographs into drawings at a large size. The images depict tools in positions that suggest a type of anthropomorphism.

I expect these drawings to have a house of mirrors type of distorted effect and may be accompanied by an additional sculptural element that includes mirrors, or fake mirrors. Placing of objects in the room as if they are mirrored.

Technical Steps

- Start with simple photos of a mirror, chair or ladder in a room.
- Break the photo into 36 panels (A3 size). - Distribute the panels individually to be copied by hand (into pencil drawings) using the crowdsourcing resource of the Mechanical Turk. - Eventually each of the 36 panels are re-assembled to piece together the image again.

Examples / Work In Progress

An example of a wheat pasted image composed of 36 A3 panels, Xerox prints.
An example of a wheat pasted photo. 36 A3 Xerox prints wheat pasted to cardboard boxes, acrylic paint black frame.

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