Vladimir Paperny How I was a designer

14 September 2022, 6pm

Vladimir Paperny and Alexander Rappaport at a “voluntary-compulsory” subbotnik during their time at TsNIITIA. Construction site of the district committee (raykom) of the Kievsky district, at Kutuzov Prospect, Moscow, 1979.

Vladimir Paperny, Adjunct Professor at the Department of Slavic, East European and Eurasian Languages and Cultures at UCLA, is the invited speaker at the Workshop.

Vladimir Paperny will talk about his time at the VNIITE (the All-Union Research Institute of Technical Aesthetic) and the TsNIITIA (Central Research Institute of Theory and History of Architecture, also known as NIITIA, VNIITAG a.o.), where he was doctoral researcher (aspirant) until 1979, after graduating from the Moscow State Stroganov Academy of Design and Applied Arts. His dissertation thesis, which he would not defend until 2000, was published in 1985 as Architecture in the Age of Stalin: Culture Two by Cambridge University Press to become one of the most iconic books on Soviet architecture.

Alla Vronskaya Towards a Gender Anthropology of Architectural Work

16 September 2022, 5pm

Alla Vronskaya examines gender inequality—and women-architects attempts to undermine it—at design and construction industry institutions of state socialism. She introduces the research conducted for the project Second World, Second Sex: Women-Architects under State Socialism.

Alla Vronskaya is Professor of the History and Theory of Architecture at Kassel University


15 September 2022, 4.30pm
Residential area Rieth and its centre Berliner Platz with the former Cafe Vilnius, Erfurt (architects Bela Dorka, Peter Mohaci (DTV Debrecen, Hungarian People’s Republic), 1978). With Dr. Mark Escherich.

Mural “Victory of Love” by Erich Enge at the Berliner Platz in Erfurt
Photo: Maurizio Camagna, 2017. Source: Maurizio Camagna 
Cafe Vilnius, Erfurt,1978 Architects Bela Dorka, Peter Mohaci (DTV Debrecen, Hungarian People’s Republic). Photo M.Börner, 1978. Source: Architektur der DDR (1978)