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For my project under the Term Observe Experiment Connect I build a device that helps me to understand and perceive my environment better. For this purpose, sensors (light, gas, temperature) are sewn into a WEARABLE which will collect specific values from different circumstances. I measure my own electrical currents to observe whether different circumstances have an influence on my body. when a intersection of the measured data occurs, it will be experienced (vibration).

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In many cultures, as in science, it is believed that where we are and the circumstances of that place affect our body energy, posture and soul. The more consciously we move within it, the more our spirit is able to evolve and see and understand the world in a divine way. I have been dealing with spiritual questions and doubts for a long time. With these observations I hope for small revelations. as well in the time where I am creating and moving.

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Due to my personal upbringing in the antroprosophic movement, I was inspired by it. The project is created around the believes of it.



The Device


This Device will be made out of five components:

  • Electronics that measure the energy flowing through my body and sensors that collect data from the enviorment
  • Jewlery that forms the end of the "Body-Sensor"
  • A vest/harness to store the electronics and powersource
  • A dress that is inspired by the belives of the antroprosophical movement
  • A output that demonstrates the connecting moment

Design and Concept Phase

Electronics and Arduino Code

To measure the environmental values, a light sensor, a gas sensor and a temperature sensor are connected to an Arduino Nano. The values of these are compared with those of the ground sensor (Sensor by Martin Howse). Then, when these values overlap, the output, a vibration is triggered at a vibration module.

#define vibOutPin 4 //Vibrationsmotor als Konstante "vibOutPin" an Digitalpin 4
int bodyPin = A0;
int lightPin = A1;
int tempPin = A2;
int gasPin = A3;
int bodyVal,lightVal,tempVal,gasVal = 0; //Variablen "___Val" global definieren
int tempDiff,lightDiff,gasDiff = 0; //Variablen für Differenz zwischen "bodyVal" und "___Val"
void setup() {
 pinMode(vibOutPin, OUTPUT); //Pin für Output definieren
 Serial.begin(9600); //Geschwindigkeit für serielle Übertragung bestimmen
void loop() {

 bodyVal = analogRead(bodyPin); 
 Serial.print ("Body: ");
 Serial.print("   ==   ");
 lightVal = analogRead(lightPin);
 Serial.print( "Licht: "); 
 Serial.print("   ||   ");
 tempVal = analogRead(tempPin);
 Serial.print ("Temperatur: ");
 Serial.print("   ||   ");
 gasVal = analogRead(gasPin);
 Serial.print("Gas: ");
 Serial.print(gasVal, DEC);
 Serial.println("   ||   ");
 lightDiff = lightVal - bodyVal;
 tempDiff = tempVal - bodyVal;
 gasDiff = gasVal - bodyVal;
 Serial.print("Difference:              ");
 Serial.print("      ||      ");
 Serial.print("      ||      ");
 if (tempDiff >= -50 && tempDiff <= 50 || lightDiff >= -50 && lightDiff <= 50 || gasDiff >= -50 && gasDiff <= 50) 
   digitalWrite(vibOutPin, LOW);
 } else {
   digitalWrite(vibOutPin, LOW);


To store the electronics a vest is needed that requires these factores:

  • Functional
  • Simple
  • Easy to take on/off
  • Subtle, non-dominant aesthetics
  • Unsexual
  • (Avoid Gender association)
  • Flexible for movement but still resistant
  • Does need the measurements of the electronics but must be flexible for sudden change of electronics
  • (Water resistant)

Additionally a bracelet is made to attach and wear the vibration motor. Because the light sensor should not be influenced by my shadows a headband is necessary.


The design of the dress is based on the teachings and views of Anthroprosophy. The silluette imitates the, that of the clothing of the Euritmy and that of the ancient Greeks. Also it is cut wide and airy, allowing freedom of movement and the feeling of connecting to the enviorment. The color is chosen intuitively and corresponds to my personal aesthetics and aura. The fabric is sustainably produced and dyed linen fabric.


The jewelry forms the end of the body sensor. It is made of coated copper, so that the value is measured only from a certain point. The design is very subtle, organic and simple. The total weight must not be too high, because it hangs on the ears.




File:CONCEPT OCE 2005221UD.pdf


File:Präsentation Anthroprosophy.pdf