The documention

The contents

  • The outcomes of various in class assignments. Screenshots were taken as the final results.
  • Preliminary visualisations for the Haus Am Horn 3D mockup.
  • First attempt at designing the layout - basic wire framing.
  • First attempts to create a functional mockup using exported 3D animations from Blender.
  • Final Design of mockup.
  • The html and css.
  • The individually exported videos from Blender.

In class exercises. The results have been screenshot.

Sab1.png Sab2.jpg Sab3.jpg Sab4.jpg

Haus Am Horn

  • Preliminary visualisations for the Haus Am Horn 3D mockup were set in motion through rough sketches. In conclusion, 2 ideas were presented; (top) a 3D overview of the house with a navigation bar on the left to help the user direct his/ her way through the plan, and a second (bottom) where the 3D model of the house is navigated purely using the arrows on each side of the page. The second was opted for the mockup assignment.


  • Mockup presentation. Basic wireframes were built to help visualise the mockup. This rough mockup which was built on Fireworks was presented in class.


  • Here are some screenshots of my working processes from Blender to implementing the videos in html.

All of the videos were animated and exported from Blender. Each video consisting of 2 secs of animation from every direction (left, right, above 'up' and ground level 'down'). The title and the arrows were created on illustrator. Sab7.png Sab8.jpg Sab9a.png

The Haus Am Horn mockup

  • Simple navigation to explore the 3D model of Haus Am Horn by using the orange arrows.
  • Quick links are found on the corners of the wrapper: (I) Info, (H) History, (MAP), (C) Contact.


  • The html and css


Haus Am Horn animation videos

  • The animation videos that would be implemented in the mockup. 18 in total.