(Some other photgrafs)
(Some other photgrafs)
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Roting on the ground
Roting on the ground
[[:File:memory2.jpg 800px]]

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Some other photgrafs

Roting on the ground File:memory2.jpg 800px

Panting a leaf

Paint.jpg Morepaint.jpg

Finished leaves pretending to be seashells



The instaltion was composed of the painted leaves and gravel on a table acompanied by a video and with a very warm light in a celler. The way in wich the leaves would be presented was very important. Questions on adding text, sound, adding sand, adding litle rock sculprures all crossed at some point. Here drawings and sketches.

The filming of the video took place with a Go Pro Hero, a Cannon Rebel and Alejandro's Camera ( have no idea what brand his camera is). Basiclly I would wander around in with the Go pro attachet to my head and take very unstable strange shots. Because of this Cata who owns a device called a SmartPhone, she could moniter if anything at all was visable in the shot. Videos of paintning leaves became less intimate end more staged since Alejandro would be leaning on my shoulder to take the perfect shot of a leaf being saved. These kind humans had to wander with me in the cold, but fresh air is always good. Here a link to one of the preliminay videos.

The Video